There are warlords (Daimyo’s) plotting against the shogun, and against each other, ofcourse. You’ll not only need to make sure you stay in control of your clan and province(s), you’ll also need to organise your economy, observe the religious practices and pay attention to the cultural habits of the land. And as said before, plotting against each other, because it’s obvious only your clan which is destined to take up the Shogunate.

And you and your team will be part of this great game of Go.

There are roles as:
Shogun & Bakufu (= civil service)
Daimyo & other roles in a Clan
Sohei (= Warrior monks)
Control (= Aiding the players in their goals by streamlining their plans to fit into the game system)

Price: for a day of fun it will cost approx. €20,00 for players, €10,00 for control.

Remember: haya-oki wa sanmon no toku!

(If you’re not sure what role to take, or if megagames are something you’d like, feel free to mail your questions and doubts as well. I’m sure we’ll find something which fits your style!)

  • The Next Shogun

    The Next Shogun

  • The cutting of the troups

    The cutting of the troups

  • The Troups

    The Troups

  • Ye pretty flags

    Ye pretty flags