When: 14th of October 2017
Where: GC De Linde, Haren

Crisis in Binni is a megagame by Jim Wallman which explores the ins and outs of a humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa (Binni is the fictional country which has all the elements you may find in a crisis like that… A president clinging to power, warlords, tribalism, drought, famine, refugees… and the UN (Security Council, UNHCR, WFP, …) trying to determine how the world should react.

Player roles are political (Binni-politicians, UN-diplomats), operational (Binni Armed Forces, Binni Warlords, UN Security Mission (UNFORB), UNHCR and World Food Program, …) or a mix of both. And off-course a press-team to report what is happening in New York and Binni (only serious press should apply).

This game might be for you if…

… you want to learn more of some of the mechanics of a food and refugee crisis.
… you want to find out if you’ve got what it takes to hold a country together.
… you ever wanted to rule as a warlord in a war torn country.
… you feel like trying what it takes to be a diplomat.
… you want to plan a UN security mission.
… you just want to help people, at least in game.
… you want to kick people a conscience as the international press corps.
… you are not interested in the theme, but want to try out this megagame-thing.

How do you register? Send a mail to megagames.be@gmail.com with your full name and role preference.

If you’re not sure what role to take, feel free to use some key words on your game preferences (e.g.: Heavy roleplaying – Planner – …). I’m sure we can find a role to your liking.

In game language will be English. If you’re unsure about this, mail us, we do try to accomodate everyone. Language should not be the deal-breaker.

Date: 14 october 2017 – 10h -> 17h
Location: GC De Linde – Kortenbachstraat 7, 1130 Haren
Price: €20 for a day of fun

To register: megagames.be@gmail.com (places are limited, so hurry up!)