De Bello Gallico


The game is complete, we can put you on the wait list should last-minute vacancies come up.

This game might be for you if…

  • … you think Caesar/the Romans have nothing to seek on this side of the Alps.
  • … you finally want to do something with all that Latin you studied.
  • … you’re a role-player who wants to see how your actions and ideas reflect on a strategic map.
  • … you’re a wargamer who wants to see how your actions are reacted upon by other players.
  • … you want to bring the tribes together against a common enemy.
  • … you want to sing and have fun.
  • … you can’t sing but think Cacofonix deserves better.
  • … you are not interested in the theme, but want to try out this megagame-thing.

There are several roles possible such as:

  • Caesar or one of his generals, conquer Gaul and secure your place in history.
  • One of the celtic chiefs, become King or Queen of your tribe, gain glory and gold and work with or against Caesar.
  • Be a Druid, attached to one of the tribes or even the High Druid or one of his emissaries and protect the Celtic culture.
  • Be a Bard and travel among the tribes, gathering intelligence and bringing joy and laughter… (or be silenced and hung in a tree).
  • Be a Roman Trader and become rich beyond measure!

24th of March
GC De Linde
Kortenbachstraat 7, 1130 Haren
15 € for a day of fun.


How do you register? Send a mail to with your full name and role preference.

If you’re not sure what role to take, feel free to use some key words on your game preferences (e.g.: Heavy roleplaying – Planner – …). I’m sure we can find a role to your liking.

The in-game language will be English. If you’re unsure about this, mail us, we do try to accommodate everyone. Language should not be the deal-breaker.